For this days the people talk a lot about innovation, in the tech news, the futurist movies, the last mobile devices, the best companies worldwide, the more relevant jobs, the universities and much more. Innovation seems be near of many interesting topics in our days, but what really mean Innovation?

Innovation is in itself a wide concept, from Wikipedia we can simply say that Innovation is about "new ideas, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method" and yes, that's innovation, but we can say much more about it. The first thing is that Innovation is an improvement, is to find an idea that change or redefine the way to make something resulting in a better solution, in other words, we can say that Innovation is define a best practice to solve a problem or requirement, or improve an already established best practice, finding a new one. For example, we still remember the day that Steve Jobs did present the first Iphone, bringing us a new way to be connected, to experience music, to navigate in Internet, and everything in realtime, from any place in the world.

The second thing about innovation is action, just a good idea is not innovation, it's needed put that idea in the real world, showing it in a product, tool or process that present its benefits in a clear way. In the innovative world is really important to move faster, a lot of companies world wide are investing millions of dollars, registering every single finding as patent. Innovation is a powerful tool that is changing the people lives, the companies know that, when they find value in the innovation, they find the best way to be different from the competitors.

Innovation is about learn everyday, think about everything that in some way could be enhanced, extended, redefined, opening the people to new lives and experiences. Being innovative is an strange state where you can feel fear and exciting all the time, thinking about the risk, the time, the use, the customers, the money and so on, but you always find a way to continue, building on the run, with creativity of each day, you know that you'll never will be an expert in something, because your place is in the edge of the new technology, your best skill is the speed to learn, understanding the reality, dreaming the future and connecting these two worlds.