Leadership is an important and essential value, specially for chiefs, high executives or any other person who drive the future of one institution, but behind the leadership is mandatory to have a strong amount of several other values and skills to succeed. No one can think a successful leader without the trust value, that is basic to make the people follow you, anyone can think that with authority and fear the leader could replace the trust, and yes, may be, but that is a really bad way to be a leader. Of course, there are bad and good leaders,

just remember many cases in the history, Adolf Hitler for example was a powerful leader, a bad one, but he moved the entire german nation to the war, positioning a sick idealism. Jesus in other hand is still recognized as a good leader, after more than 2000 years, his teachings are still relevant and it's a good way to teach ethics and values in the schools. Empathy is other important value to enpower the leadership, the way that you connect with the people, with sense and touch is also relevent and make a better and convenient space. The communication is also important, you can be really clear with an idea inside of you, but the activity to put that idea inside of your people is not a magical art, of course, you need communication skills to transmit it.

In some way every person have inside a piece of leadership, and everyone needs leadership in some way, not only if you are a chief, a father, a mother, a politician or a social influencer, if you think that you don't have a single person following you, you are still responsible to leader your own life. When you leader your own life, you learn every day, using that learning to improve yourself, inspiring again and again, having a sense of your own reality, your work, your family, understanding the environment around you and putting your best effort to make it better.

Working with Innovation, leadership is critical for the success, the best leaders in charge, represent the best transmision, motivation and propagation of the ideas, and in this topic, the time is one of the most importants milestone. You know when you are in a great innovative company when you feel motivated, you think that your work is exciting, you know where you are going on and you love that way, and what is happening, is that you are involved in a really great leadership process.