From the previous tutorial: Creating development transport request. We have now 3 tasks, create a package, create a program and create a transaction.Then we will be creating a package on this section.

A package is a container where we can store all the objects that we are developing in a project. To create a package we can use the transaction code SE80, called the Object Navigator

SAP Object Navigator

With the Object navigator we can navigate for all the objects in the SAP repository, this screen have one navigator area on the left side and a tool area on the right side. If you do a double clic on an object on the left side, in the right side you can see their properties or code depending the kind of object.

To create a package, you can choose Package from the combo box and in the next input you can enter the package name ZPACKAGE_DEMO and then clic enter, after this if the package name don't exist SAP will ask you if you want to create a package with this name.

SAP Creating a package

In the next screen you must specify a short package description, the application component is CA for cross-aplications components, in this case the software component can be HOME for customer developments or LOCAL for development that will be not transportated, remembering that MiniSAP just have one system, then clic on next button.

SAP Creating a package 2

On the next screen you can choose the Workbench request, if you did the project creation and request definition, you can find on the request input the request called Create a package. Please choose the request and push the continue button.

SAP Creating a package 3

In this way you have now a package created waiting to storage the objects that you will be developing while learning ABAP.