Apple Inc, the company from many of the most innovative products in the last years have a new player in their portfolio: the apple Watch.

In order to have all the information more close to your needs, to convert your watch in a device that could bring you more than show you the hour it's really good idea. If you think a little about the most fast way to get notifications, sms, emails, localization, whatsapp messages and more, your phone is not always the best choice for every situation, it's your watch attached to your hand.

The iWatch equipped with the most recent technology, bring you integrated components like accelerometer, gyro, heart rate sensor, GPS, NFC and more, allowing the borning of a new apps generation. Today the iWatch have an interesting list of application for health, sports, news, social media and many others, you can also find Siri, play your music, search contacts, begin or answer a call directly in the iWatch, see the calendar with your appointments, navigate in the maps, send quick answers to your chats, customize the clock appearance, set up the alarm, chronometer.