Some year ago, we have in the market the Google Home, the ideal personal assistant for home or office. Surely if you have this device from many times ago, you should feel that with the time, this curious device has been enhanced and now have a lot of commands, languages and skills, in other words, the machine is learning.

You can setup now for example 2 different languages, in order to give orders in both of them without make any extra adjustment, Google Home understand the language that you are using and in this way the answer return in the same language. You can try to get the current hour from many ways, my children used also and the recognition is enough to support the different family voices, it's amazing. You can translate words of short phrases, program alarms, check the weather for any country, request information for example about world capitals, check if a restaurant is open, book a hotel, play songs or videos in Google Cromecast, and much more.

Really today is very fun to use Google Home, it's easier than some years ago, due to the machine learning behind that is trained with millions of persons worldwide making request to the Google Home all day. Today you feel the Machine Learning Power processing complex requests in seconds with coherency and consistency, improving every day, more accurate, more amazing