With the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo is focusing the strategy in the portable and mobile segment again. This time with a really great device: the Nintendo Switch Lite, designed for the people who don't know when will be the next free time available to play, may be that time will be in the airport, train, waiting in the bus stop, the school, why not in a break in the work or many others. As the name suggest, this lite version, is a reduced (but not much) one option from the Nintendo Switch console, with this may be we can wait for a cost reduction in the price, making the lite console can gain more players around the world.

 From the official Nintendo web site. we can get more information about this new game console, in the next video you'll see interesting highlights about this new portable game console: 


Key Features

  • Ideal for Mobile Players
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Integrated controls
  • Play all the portable mode Nintendo Switch programs.
  • Local/Online multiplayer mode
  • Cannot be connected to the TV
  • Available in Yellow, Grey and Turquoise colors

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be Available on September 20 of 2019